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Hydro-Sep Water Separator

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HYDRO-SEP - WATER SEPARATOR for Exterior Mounted Active Radon Mitigation Systems.

The Hydro-Sep is a recently developed device used for separating water which may condense inside an active soil depressurization system.

It is designed to be installed on the discharge side of an exterior mounted fan, and is to be used when the separated condensate can drain to the ground without resulting in damage.

The illustration shows a typical application for this device. When humid air moves through a pipe with a cold surface, condensation will occur inside.

This condensation can eventually cause premature fan failure.

The Hydro-Sep helps to reduce the accumulation of water by diverting it away from the interior of the fan. The collected condensate drains onto the ground. The interior configuration of the diverter causes a slight vacuum at the drain location which prevents the exhaust gases from escaping.

The Hydro-Sep is built inside a 4-inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe, allowing for easy connection to the 6” x 4” or 4' x 4" flexible reducer typically used on KT & most Fan discharges.

It is to be mounted directly on the discharge of the fan in a vertical position.

The fact that it is constructed of PVC pipe allows for the easy continuation of the PVC or other discharge piping system.

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